Dating’s more fun when you're doing something

Meet new people,
do interesting things

It's hard sometimes meeting new people in cities when you're single.

But with DoingSomething it's easy.

Find people who want to do the same things you do.

Meet up. Do things!

Make a free profile today.

What DoingSomething will save you from!

First date party trick goes (very) wrong.

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Welcome to DoingSomething - the London dating site that makes dating fun.

Our approach to online dating makes us different. Rather than promising you love, we encourage you to meet someone over a game of ping pong, or at a pop up restaurant, or at a murder mystery game. When there’s less pressure on a date, there’s more chance of something happening.

Nowadays, online dating is how single Londoners meet each other. Gone is the reliance on speed dating and friends fixing you up on a blind date. Awkward.

We’ve created a fun and easy online dating experience to help you meet someone without enduring a stiff and cringe worthy date. You pick the date idea, someone else sees it along with your profile and if it sounds good, you arrange to go on that date. It’s that simple.

DoingSomething takes the awkward out of dating. We’re the dating site for people who ‘don’t do’ dating sites. Trust us, London dating has never been this fun and care-free. If you’re single in London, whether that’s Dalston, Shoreditch, Soho, Hackney, Notting Hill, North London or South London, a DoingSomething date is more relaxed than a traditional date. And as an added bonus, you get to explore the city and enjoy what London has to offer.

So stop reading this, become a member and browse around the site or subscribe to get full benefits. London dating is more fun when you’re DoingSomething.