Dating’s more fun if you’re doing something...

  • 100 Must Do Dates

    100 Must Do Dates

    33476 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    Want to know what some of our amazing partners suggested for their 100 Must Do London Dates? Then keep reading and get to know our exciting and comprehensive list of the best date ideas that the Capital has to offer.

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  • Active Date Ideas

    Active Date Ideas

    15881 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    Get that blood pumping and stay fit while you date with our brilliant active date ideas. Be it kayaking, walking, cycling, climbing, we've got you covered for the best sporty dates in London. Why does online dating have to be stiff and formal, when you can play ping pong or crazy golf?

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  • Cheap Date Ideas

    Cheap Date Ideas

    8221 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    Strapped for cash? Don't let a lack of funds stop the fun. Remember, it's a great way to prove you've got more dash if you've got no cash. Dip into our pot of cheap dates for inexpensive ways to have a great time while getting know someone.

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  • Cool Date Ideas

    Cool Date Ideas

    26311 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    Be sub-zero with our effortlessly cool date ideas. You've done all the known hipster hotspots; it's time for our hand-picked selection of cocktail bars, yummy eateries and well-kept secrets. Asymmetric haircut optional.

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  • Creative Date Ideas

    Creative Date Ideas

    10971 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    Unleash that inner Banksy or Heston. Our creative dates are bursting with cooking courses, artsy cinema trips, beautiful museum tours and everything in between to get your creative juices flowing. Go on; find your surrealist or sashimi partner in crime.

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  • Events


    5898 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    Want to know where the best, most unique singles events in London are? Keep reading to find out how you can meet other DoingSomething members.

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  • First Date Ideas

    First Date Ideas

    13907 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    First dates; talk about cringe-central. Good job our fantastic first date ideas are packed full of tasty, laid-back, fun choices that will ease your initial meet up. Whether you're getting the ball rolling at an ice cream shack or over afternoon tea, prove that London dating can be awkward-free from the very first date.

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  • Foodies Fancy

    Foodies Fancy

    5655 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    A selection of some of London's coolest restaurants, street-food, market stalls and pop-ups!

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  • Fun Date Ideas

    Fun Date Ideas

    19317 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    Adrenalin junkies, fun-loving foodies and people who are up for plenty of laughs... we want you. London dating's way more entertaining and enjoyable with one of our fun date ideas. Unleash your inner child, go see a bad film or rock anything else on the list. Hello, fun-filled dating destiny.

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  • Romantic Date Ideas

    Romantic Date Ideas

    10433 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    Prove that the art of romance isn't dead. Whether you're a hopeless romantic or love to wine and dine, lovingly survey our pick of restaurants, cute cocktail bars and cosy cinemas. There are so many ways to make your London dates more romantic so come on Cupid, draw back that arrow.

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  • Unusual Date Ideas

    Unusual Date Ideas

    8108 people fancy doing one of these dates

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    When you're in the mood to shake things up, our unusual dates have got your name written all over them. From quirky museums to off-beat tours, our eclectic offerings will give you so much to talk about. Dating in London just got a quirky upgrade.

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