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Toilet Dating

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A one-of-a-kind pub crawl with a 'crappy' twist

We’re all about eccentric dates at DoingSomething, but a London Loo Tour? Are we taking the michael? No, we are not. The London Loo Tours are billed as ‘immensely practical for those with a sense of humour and an interest in hygiene.’ Too funny.

The Loo Tour Lady (AKA Rachel) will lead you on undoubtedly one of the most niche and enjoyable excursions on offer in the capital. You'll get to know some of London's best loos and pick up a drink at each location. No need to worry about drinking too much, as there are plenty of rest stops along the way! 

You'll also be treated to a smattering of trivia, politics and history while hitting spots such as The Cellar Door, one of Oscar Wilde's former favourite haunts, now a swanky cocktail bar, and The Knights Templar. Home of one of the most impressive ladies' loos in London, it's sure to make some of the boys a little envious.

The walking aspect of the tour affords the chance to mingle while en route. And with every stop off at a watering hole you'll have the opportunity to have a more sustained exchange with your date. 

Along the way you will enjoy: Tips and tricks for locating free public loos in London, the history of the toilet from pre-Roman to present, the surprisingly intense politics of the public toilet, gossip and trivia, and rest stops for drinks.